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The Woodpecker connects to the heartbeat of Mother Nature herself. This little bird demands attention with it's mystical drumming. 

If this spirit animal has come into your life, it is letting you know to pay attention because opportunity has come knocking and great changes are unfolding for you!

The black and white feathers represent that we should be seeing aspects and issues of our lives clearly. While the red found on the head symbolizes the head chakra centers and stimulation of mental activities.

Seize the moment and shake up awareness, diligence is key. 


Matted artwork by Dean McNelia.

This print comes with a white mat and a clear plastic protective sleeve.

It is available in two sizes :: 11" x 14" , 16" x 20" matted.


Each piece of art that Dean creates has a purpose. His love of animals and nature have inspired him to donate to various organizations --  to help raise awareness, protect the environment, and save endangered wildlife. 

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