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Jaguar Rights


Jaguar Rights is a fantasy surf break that I created, with perfect "rights" rolling into shore toward the home of the jungles, jaguars, and many others. 

The title of this piece, "Jaguar Rights", gets it's name not only from it's waves, but the fact that the jungle's jaguars have their rights to a natural habitat. Due to heavy deforestation, they are losing their rights to such a habitat.

So I created this artwork to raise awareness and to donate proceeds to non-profits taking a stand against such destruction and pledging to keep the jungle wild. 


Matted artwork by Dean McNelia.

This print comes with a white mat and a clear plastic protective sleeve.

It is available in two sizes :: 11" x 14" , 16" x 20" matted. 


Each piece of art that Dean creates has a purpose. His love of animals and nature have inspired him to donate to various organizations --  to help raise awareness, protect the environment, and save endangered wildlife. 

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